Amat Victoria Curam

Don’t know about you but when I qualified as a coach Latin wasn’t on the curriculum!

‘Amat Victoria Curam’ means ‘Victory Loves Preparation’ and its equally true in all forms of cycle sport from Charity Rides to Le Tour de France and everything in between. If you don’t train specifically your performance will be poor or in coaching terms all the ‘P’s – Poor Preparation equals Poor Performance

What can you do?

Motivation is key but it’s too easy to say:

I’m tired

There’s something on the TV

My Auntie is sick

…  we’ve heard and used them all!

Joe Friel a well published cycling coach puts it thus:

‘Hire a Coach. Without a doubt, nothing can take your performance on the bike to the next level like working with a good professional coach’.

I of course agree, but there are always a few questions to answer;

“It’s too expensive.”

There’s a wide range in cost of coaching available. Firstly, your coach must hold a recognised qualification, I’m qualified to ABCC level 3. Our ecoaching is currently just £55 per month – a similar cost of a mid-range racing tyre. We can also write a one off 6-week training block for you. Costing just £50 and called ‘Six Pack’ it’s still personalised coaching but without weekly feedback. You could try this before committing long term, for a special event or motivation during Winter months.

Ask yourself how much you are spending on the latest components and gizmos for your bike(s) are they making you a better rider or just to impress your mates?  

“I’m not a serious enough athlete - coaching is just for pros and elite racers.”.

We specialize in recreational and amateur athletes as well as top racers. We work with your background, ability, and your goals for the future.

“I can self-coach.”

You might think you can reach your goals through self-coaching or following a ‘one size fits all’ training plan. There are many on the internet and you are a highly motivated individual but how do you know you’re not under or overdoing it? Wouldn’t it be great to have someone work and adjust your training schedule just for you with the equipment and time you have available?

Our riders don’t waste time guessing rest days, training days or whether they’re working to the right intensities based on personal zones. They get total peace of mind to get on with just riding confident in the knowledge they are maximising their potential.

Contact us today for further information on how we can take your cycling performance to the next level