Time Trialling

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It all started when…

Time Trialling or 'The Race of Truth'

Run over a set course and ridden individually starting usually at timed intervals.

Whoever is fastest wins.

The UK historically has a unique time trialling scene, it is governed by Cycling Time Trials [formally Road Time Trials Council]. It is very popular and has seen huge improvements in equipment through the years and is considered the 'Formula 1 of cycling. Consequentially it has some of the most aerodynamically advanced and expensive bikes. Set distance events most common of which are 10, 25, 50 and 100 miles are judged on time and 12 and 24 hour events judged on distance.

Most traditional UK cycling clubs organise a weekly evening 10 or 25 mile event these are also open to non club members subject to number of entries - this is excellent place to start, just turn up, sign on and ride.

At Merlin Cycle Coaching we coach specifically for time trialling and can advise on technique, pacing and aerodynamics.

Want to take 2 minutes off your 10? Go under the hour for a 25?  Or simply do a Personal Best?

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