Road Racing

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It all started when…

Road Racing is the simplest form of cycle sport in theory - a mass start race where  first person across the finish line wins.

If only it was that simple!

Dating from as early as 1868  you will be familiar with the continental races, place to place such as Paris - Roubaix and stage races like  Tour de France.

In the UK the governing body British Cycling oversee many affiliated leagues and clubs who organise open events. You'll need a racing licence from British Cycling and will find races on public roads as well as closed circuits. Riders are categorized by ability and gain points on their results starting 4th category and rising to Elite.

Older riders are often members of the League of Veteran Racing Cyclists who organise many excellent events up and down the country, their races are age categorized.

At Merlin Cycle Coaching we have a long history with road racing and coach specifically for it.

Contact us to find how we can help you get started, move up a category or win your first event.