Comeback King!

Peter Bedingfield

After 45 years out of cycling I joined my local cycling club and rode some ‘evening tens’ on my old ‘60s steel race bike - just for fun. Then a question arose. Would my ultra-modest achievements improve with a more committed approach?

Merlin Cycle Coaching agreed to help me find out.  That meant a thorough Wattbike assessment, realistic goal setting, and a progressive training programme quite unlike anything I remember doing before. It didn’t stop there. It also meant guidance on equipment, bike fitting, and pacing strategy.

Within a few weeks I was posting Strava PR’s on a hill I’ve used regularly in training. Half a minute improvement in 1km was a big surprise. This also came at the end of a hilly 2 hour training ride, my previous PR had been done with 'fresh legs'. All the gains came at the steep end of the hill and I had the satisfaction of dishing out the pain to my brother after some years of clinging to his back wheel.

How would that translate into competition?  One of the open Time Trials I’ve ridden in the last few seasons is a short ‘sporting’ course with 10 lumpy kilometres in the middle. I was over 11 secs/km faster than last year with big gains on the hills.

Thanks Paul and all at Merlin. More, much more than a training plan….. and it was fun too!