Merlin Cycle Coaching provides personalised easy to follow one to one training plans for cyclists of all ages and disciplines.

We are your passport to a better cycling performance, if you race, ride sportive events or are new to cycling and simply want to improve your skills.

Whether you want to finish your first Road Race or move up a licence category, win a Time Trial or ride a personal best, finish your first Sportive or achieve gold standard, ride the Etape or Transcontinental Race - we have specific easy to follow training plans just for you! 

If you find you do the same thing year after year, lack motivation or suffer mid-season ‘burn out’ and never improve, we can help.

Do you have limited time to train? By using one of our personalised training schedules you will train smarter and not longer!

If you have a specific goal in mind whether it’s a race, an event or you just want to improve fitness tell us about it. By following one of our structured and periodised training plans and you will see massive gains in performance.

Coming back after injury or time away from the sport? We coach you to return stronger and fitter without the risk of overtraining.

Do you know your personal Heart Rate and Power Zones which are key to any training? We can find them using the British Cycling testing protocols on the very latest specification Wattbike Pro.

We coach cyclists at all levels, if you’ve never had a coach before we understand 'one size doesn't fit all'. Using decades of experience, we offer friendly advice, easy to follow training plans and all the help you will need to take your cycling to the next level.

“Nothing can take your performance on a bike to the next level like a good coach”

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