We offer three packages depending on the level of coaching support you need.

We call them eCoach, eQuipe and Six Pack, all have one common purpose - to get you fitter and faster!

To learn a little about you we arrange a free consultation either face to face or by telephone/skype.

We'll ask what you've done in the past, your goals, time you have to train and what equipment you have. If you don't know your training zones, we can advise you or find them - see our testing section here.

We use this information to write personalised bespoke training schedules, giving detailed easy to follow daily training plans. You won’t waste time guessing training or rest days, just total peace of mind safe in the knowledge you’re always maximising your potential.

Choose from one of the following value for money packages



Feature 1

This is our most popular training package, at just £62 per month, we supply a personalised daily easy to follow schedule adjusted weekly with your feedback. It enables us to ‘fine tune’ your training to allow for work, illness, holiday, family and social commitments or if we simply find something isn't working for you.

A sample eCoach training schedule is here

eCoach is just £62 per month - It's that simple, no registration fee or hidden costs


Feature 2

Our most comprehensive training package at just £85 per month

If you need a little more contact and assistance in your training the ‘eQuipe’ package gives you everything in the eCoaching package plus unlimited email contact and a phone or skype consultation every month at a time to suit you.

It also includes free performance testing with us twice per year at key periods during your cycling season.

Nothing is left to chance we analyse all your power and heart rate data to ensure you make every training session count.

eQuipe is just £85 per month, no registration fee or hidden costs

Six Pack

Feature 3

A one off six week training block personalised to your goals at just £55 each

We find this is most popular with riders who need help training for a specific event or need some extra motivation during the winter.

Simply tell us the time you have to train, the event you are targeting or the improvements you wish to make, and we'll produce a progressive 6 week training block just for you. We'll even help you track your progress through self testing.

This is still personalised coaching but without the weekly feedback or adjustment. We'll examine how you've progressed in week 6 and send a full report.

Six Pack is just £55 per six week block