Ride London Coaching

I’m getting lots of enquiries from riders who have an entry accepted for ‘Ride London’ 100-mile closed road sportive 29th July this year.

They all have the same problem - under preparation, but stress not, its never too late [well a couple of weeks to go might be leaving it a bit fine!]

There are many online training schedules out there and frankly something is better than nothing but here at Merlin Cycle Coaching one size does not fit all. We can produce a bespoke training plan to get you to the finish line in London in great shape. I’ll also give a few tips on hydration, nutrition and bike handling skills for free!

If you’re doing Ride London or have another sportive goal this or next year, no matter how bonkers contact us.

Oh, and more on ‘bonkers’ in a later blog – can’t say anymore sworn to secrecy!