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As I mentioned 220 – age doesn’t cut it anymore to calculate maximum Heart Rate.

Everyone is different but if you don’t have any underlying medical issues the best way to find your HR and Power Zones is with a Ramp test under controlled conditions using the British Cycling protocol.

For fitter riders you can do a Threshold test, we use the protocol described by Dr Andrew Coggan found in his book ‘Training and Racing with a Power Meter’

But a rough calculation can be done thus:

Max HR = 210 – (0.5 x age) – (0.05 x weight in kg) + (4 if male, 0 if female)

For example for a male rider age 62 and weighing 85 kg

210 – 31 = 179 – 4.25 = 174.75 + 4 = 178.75

At his last max ramp test the riders max HR was 179bpm!

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